Industry Endorsements

Here is some of what the industry is saying about us:

“The video game industry is rapidly changing with new forms of entertainment and new technology like stereoscopic 3D displays. Digital Extremes is at the cutting edge of this transformation, and groups such as S3DGA help us understand and assess the opportunities and challenges as we take our games to the next level. Digital Extremes is proud to be a member of The S-3D Gaming Alliance.”

– Michael Schmalz, CEO of Digital Extremes

“The S-3D Gaming Alliance's energy and commitment to S-3D gaming is palpable and real. S3GDA is driving the industry towards high-quality standards that will benefit consumers, manufacturers and developers alike. This consistency will help drive the popularity of the technology and, in turn, provide more opportunities for manufacturers and our industry to meet the needs of consumers.”

- Alan Price, Entrepreneur, S3DGA President, Former CTO Electronic Arts Canada

“When I saw Need for Speed SHIFT in stereoscopic 3D at SIGGRAPH, I was impressed. The audience was blown away by how well SHIFT’s immersive cockpit was represented by the 3D tech, and we see a great future for S-3D in games. We need an industry-wide standard for S-3D gaming, and S3DGA has the drive and experience to push this forward. All developers and manufacturers should participate.”

- Habib Zargarpour, Creative Director, Microsoft Games Studios

“There is a clear and growing interest in stereoscopic 3D gaming and industry cooperation will help to drive adoption and maximize market opportunities for all involved. I am excited to be involved to help S3DGA become an effective forum to accelerate the availability of great stereoscopic 3D gaming for end users everywhere.”

- Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Group

“DDD has been involved in the stereoscopic gaming market since 2007 and has delivered PC game drivers for Samsung's 3D Ready TVs, Hyundai IT's PC monitors and Acer's 3D Aspire notebook PC. As the market for 3D consumer entertainment continues to evolve, we look forward to supporting the S3DGA's objective of delivering consistent, high quality stereoscopic 3D experiences for gamers.”

- Chris Yewdall, CEO of Dynamic Digital Depth

“Neil Schneider, via MTBS, has done a great job of supporting the rapidly-growing S-3D market. There are some amazing creative opportunities in this new field and having the support of a community such as his is a powerful resource for anyone working in this area. We are therefore happy to support and encourage his ongoing work with the newly-formed S3DGA and look forward to its success.”

- Andrew Oliver, Co-Founder of Blitz Games Studios

“Stereovision (S-3D) gaming is here. It is affordable, accessible, and playable, and is in need of a consolidating agency to be the clearing house for ideas, standards, products, and consumer education. S3DGA is the alliance that has answered that call. We will be working with them to help drive this forward."

- Dr. Jon Peddie of Jon Peddie Research